A Little Runabout with a Big Design Story.

It’s not the first time a big-time boat design came in a small package. Smaller craft, like this 20 foot Spiboot, brought the future back to the 1960’s in Lake Geneva, Switzerland. But we can’t think of a time when a damn-good boat showed up in a really small package. Like 3 feet small.  But that’s what happened last week. We got a very polite note from one Mariusz Szymazek. Who taught himself engineering and design to come up with “Swallow” the 1.2 meter (!) runabout.  This clearly seriously talented maker lives in the UK and designs and makes his own craft from Mahogany and brass. We couldn’t find a reason not to step back and just give Szymazek some spirit-of-tradition love. So here ya go.

Essentially what Szymazek has done is meld the classic runabout forms of the 1920’s Bootlegger and Zephyr designs, with a deeply slashed forward entry and modern materials. We especially like how he solved the sheer. Those long reverse-lines are really hard to get right. We bet this baby looks about a million miles an hour faster than it actually is. We also like how he solves for the exhaust problem with grills that match the tumblehome at the transom.

We are currently checking into the renting the ray used in from Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, so we can all set up demo rides for you all. Until then, just miniaturize your imagination, strap on those 1920’s speed goggles — at tiny scale of course. And drive the throttle down and to the right. And see what kind of trouble her 5-cm wake backwash can do.

The wee little honeys by the lake will almost certainly flock to meet you.