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Influenced by the past. Inspired by the possibilities

Stephens Waring Yacht Design is a custom naval architecture and engineering firm located in Belfast, Maine. We helped pioneer the concept of Spirit of Tradition sailing and motor yachts, that blend the best of classic yacht designs with the latest in materials and technology. Our business is to turn our global clientele’s dreams and passions into elegant, distinctive, and fun to use boats.

We are sailors. We are craftsmen. We are engineers.

We’ve built a reputation as design leaders. Our team brings fresh and exciting life into yacht design—a vision that melds beauty and distinction with high performance and practicality. For our client, the process is defined by collaboration and communication: from concept to launch our goal is refined and creative design—beauty and grace that will turn heads in any port, anywhere.

We are dreamers. We are spirit. We are tradition.

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Bob StephensBob Stephens

A visionary of boats. As artist—as sailor—Bob is grounded in boat building, and has a passion for striking the defining line. Bob has his eye on the balance between aesthetic and workability. Bob’s experience in traditional design and craftsmanship has fueled a fire not only to pursue modern—day revision of classic ideas but also to achieve new levels of performance and style. Bob’s love for his time on the water shows through his passion for design—a combination of lifelong endeavor and pure personal enjoyment.

“The most rewarding part of my job is distilling my clients’ dreams and desires into tangible creations in which we can all take pride and pleasure.”

Paul WaringPaul Waring

An idea man. To Paul the ultimate pleasure is meeting technical challenges that drive the development of high-performance yachts while pushing the envelope for style and design creativity. As sailor—as craftsman—Paul has an eye for structural detail. As designer—as creator—Paul brings passionate curiosity for building innovation into the vessels he creates. It’s his thinking outside the boundaries that make Paul a devotee to the pursuit of design refinement and new ideas.

“My passion is driven by my goal of creating breakthrough concepts that meld the visions of my clients with our firm’s rich yachting traditions.”