Goshawk is a true embodiment of our traditionally-based, forward-thinking design perspective. Slim and svelte, and built in wood, foam, and carbon for lightweight and cost-effective construction. Under sail she’s powerful and exquisitely balanced, and her light displacement and easily-driven hull means that her sail plan can be relatively small for easy handling. Goshawk’s long counter and low wetted surface help her slide along in drifting matches, and her clean run easily serves up speeds in the mid-teens under spinnaker in a breeze.

Built by: Brooklin Boat Yard in collaboration with Rockport Marine, 2005

LOA: 76ft 3in (23.24m)
LWL: 53ft 5in (16.28m)
BEAM: 14ft 6in (4.42m)
DRAFT: 10ft 6in (3.2m)

DISPLACEMENT: 43,000lbs (19,504Kg)
SAIL AREA: 2,000sq ft (185.81sq m)
SA/D RATIO: 25.6
POWER: 125 Hp Yanmar
GENERATOR: 8 Kw Mastervolt