With her simple yet spacious accommodations and powerful but easily handled rig, this boat is a spirited coastal cruiser. A modern square-top mainsail delivers tremendous power, while her electric winches and hydraulic controls make for hands-off sailing. Her walk-through cockpit and airy deck salon keep the crew well-connected with the outdoors. Step aboard Seren, set sail, and let the winds carry you.

LOA: 45ft 4in (13.82m)
LWL: 40ft 0in (12.19m)
BEAM: 13ft 6in (4.11m)
DRAFT: 7ft 0in (2.13m)
DISPLACEMENT: 18,000lbs (8,165kg)

SAIL AREA: 1,059sq ft (98.38sq m)
SA/D RATIO: 24.6