Luxury Living at the water’s edge.

Welcome to Immerst

A sustainable design consultancy dedicated to rethinking the way we live by the water’s edge.

Our vision started with OASys, a forward-thinking flexible solution for on-water living. It’s an answer to homeowner needs in environments with eroding landscapes and congested urban areas. But what began as a sustainable living solution envisioned by leading yacht designers Robert Stephens and Paul Waring has grown into a sustainable design consultancy. Together with some of the world’s leading sustainable architecture and construction experts, we’re working collaboratively to solve problems posed by urbanization and climate change around the globe.

If you or other sustainable leaders within your personal network would like to explore possible floating solutions together, reach out to us. We’ll arrange a short consultative phone call to discuss your needs and explore partnership opportunities. Immerst: Architecture for a Sustainable Future

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Immerst living space

Welcome to a new kind of address

OASys by Immerst: A glass sanctuary that provides a 360 view of your surroundings and unbridled access to nature.


Modern features and striking design create one-of-a-kind living experience to suit any lifestyle.


OASys, a floating residence built to the highest standards by world-class yacht designers Bob Stephens and Paul Waring


OASys makes coastal living attainable by removing the complexity of boat-ownership at a fraction of the cost of traditional, shore-based real estate


From resource-efficient engineering and smart-technologies, to renewable composite construction materials, OASys combines the latest green building techniques with a highly efficient use of space and energy

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A rendering of a living space on a floating house called Immerst by Stephens Waring Yacht Design

A rendering of the bathroom on a floating house called Immerst by Stephens Waring Yacht Design

OASys by Immerst

  • A unique, transitional design seamlessly connects exterior and interior spaces.
  • Thoughtful floor-plans pack remarkable living spaces into an efficient footprint.
  • Spacious and simple, Immerst is easy to furnish and customize with SWYD designers’ help.
  • Expansive deck environments offer multi-level lounging, swimming, boat-access and activity platforms.
  • Standard dockside connectivity allow for seamless wastewater, electricity and communications systems.

For years we’ve heard from people who wanted an easier way to enjoy life by the water’s edge. Add to that the requests from developers and resort owners looking for ways to cater to luxury travel enthusiasts and we knew that maximizing time out in nature was the plan.
– Paul Waring

Case Studies

Boutique Urban Hotel Expands Possibilities

Background: Consumer demand for luxury experiences created a problem for a boutique luxury hotel operator – high customer demand, but limited room capacity

Problem: Hotel had no way to physically expand on their current site – real estate expansion in this large urban city-center wasn’t an available option

Solution: Immerst recommended a modular dock + OASys solution that allowed the hotel to utilize their existing waterfront infrastructure while creating an extension of usable space. OASys maintained the luxury accommodation experience for customers while it expanded revenue opportunities for the hotel operator

Additional Benefits:

  • Mixed use potential for private, time-share, or hotel business models
  • Duplex units for concentration of single-bed King/queen style hotel rooms
  • Monetization of urban waterfront property
  • Custom designed units to optimize ROI

Under-utilized harbor becomes revenue driver

Background: Southeast harbor was once a vibrant destination for owners to moor and enjoy boat-ownership

Problem: With recreational choices expanding and owners’ free-time shrinking, slip rents were drying up, leaving large vacancies and revenue short-falls

Solution: Immerst recommended a modular dock + OASys solution that could enable the harbor to reconfigure their slip layout, incorporate short-term vacation rentals and harness the revenue-building power of modern, instagram-worthy living spaces.

Additional Benefits:

  • Low operational costs deliver greater return on real estate asset
  • Attract expanded customer base beyond boat owners
  • Increased revenue through nightly/weekly rentals
  • Increased use of marina-assets
  • Provides boat owners with additional overnight space for friends and family

Maine community looks to expand shared-use waterfront

Background: Growing coastal community was struggling to accommodate waterfront demand

Problem: Limited community-access to waterfront put public and commercial needs at odds

Solution: Immerst recommended an outer perimeter float system to mitigate wave/fetch concerns, provide residential protection while providing large utility floats for transient and commercial marine use.

Additional Benefits:

  • Utilized modular approach; recommended a compact ‘Pod’ system
  • Anchors 7 units to one pod; enabled consolidation of plumbing, power and other systems infrastructure
  • Easy to build and implement in unique space and under-utilized shore frontage area