5 Principals Building Boats Can Teach Us About Building on Land

As a design firm rooted in the marine industry, we often reference the great naval architects and boat builders of the past to draw inspiration. Looking back through the annals of marine history provides not only fascinating insight into the past, it sparks the imagination to find the next great design innovation. While boatbuilding and marine design may constitute only a small percentage of the larger architecture and design world, it’s increasingly clear that there are many best practices and principles of boatbuilding (both old and new), which can help inspire, innovate, and guide the future of architecture, construction, and […]

Zemphira Update

Zemphira’s rebuild at Lyman-Morse continues to move forward at pace for early spring delivery. The mold for the hull replacement part is carved and ready for finishing and the carbon-fiber girders and floors components have been built. The edges of the hull hole have been trimmed and beveled for the lap/scarf joint between the wood/composite hull and the carbon-fiber/foam replacement part.   Mars Metal is beginning the fabrication of the new keel, which will be a steel structural strut cast in place on a lead lower fin and large bulb. This strut will be encased in carbon-fiber sheathing to our design […]

Cirrus Update

Our spirit of tradition 68 in-build at Betts is moving steadily along. The cockpit has just been taken off the mold and is getting fitted.     The raised bulwarks are being built with internal details for stanchion sockets, pop-up cleats, and Stephens Waring Design custom flush padeyes, which have been machined out of solid stainless steel. Once the cockpit and bulwarks are complete Teak Deck Systems will pattern the deck with joinery details specified by Stephens Waring Design. Teak Decking Systems works with our specifications to create a truly unique teak deck.      Interior joiner work is proceeding […]

Press Release: Legendary Design Firm Reimagines a Resort on the Water

Legendary Design Firm Reimagines a Resort on the Water New Floating Hotel Design Delivers Luxury and an Unforgettable Guest Experience   Belfast, ME (Dec 9, 2021)  Today, Stephens Waring Design announced a new design concept, OASys (Ocean Architectural System), created specifically to reimagine shoreline hotels, resorts, and housing. The model falls under the brand of the award-winning boat designer called IMMERST, which will address some of the most pressing coastline development challenges including limited land, habitat preservation, and climate change. “We’ve applied our 40 years of custom yacht design and engineering experience to create a design-planning model built around the […]

The Rise of Glamping

Getting off the beaten path Whether it’s newcomers looking for comfortable entry into the outdoor adventure world, or seasoned outdoors people looking to get away from the crowds, a new form of adventure travel and hospitality has emerged to support the burgeoning demand. One of the hottest new trends is glamping. Defined loosely as glamorous camping, glamping combines camping with many of the luxuries and amenities of a premium resort.  This can include gourmet meals, king-size beds, egyptian cotton sheets, and unlimited hot water for showers in the morning. This once obscure segment is expected to reach $5.41 billion by […]

A Call to the Wild

The Call of the Wild It’s no surprise that the global pandemic has changed our habits and behaviors. International travel restrictions and the slow return to large gatherings in public spaces, compounded with a need to escape after months of confinement, have inevitably led people to pursue alternative forms of leisure and recreation.  For many, that outlet has been a call back to the wild. The 2021 Outdoor Participation Trends Report reveals that last year, 53% of Americans ages 6 and over participated in outdoor recreation at least once, the highest participation rate on record. Remarkably, that’s more than 7.1 […]

Against All Odds Shelter Island Resort Can Expand

California dreamin’ is a way of life for millions of Americans who live at the junction of land and sea in Southern California. The dream becomes a little foggy if your dreamscape includes developing Southern California waterfront property. Developable land along this stretch of coastline is scarce at best. And going one step further, on Shelter Island in San Diego Bay, it’s non-existent.  Built upon an unimpressive mudbank formed by the San Diego River, Shelter Island emerged from the shallows as San Diego Bay was dredged for Naval purposes in World War II. Initial elevation? A whopping fourteen feet. In […]

Zemphira returns to the shed

We are always excited to tell you about our designs: whether in-build, getting refit, or living the life they were designed for. And so it was this spring we started telling you all about the thorough refit one of our favorite boats enjoyed last winter, in which we were deeply involved (Zemphira-(re)fit for a King). But as they do, stranger things happened which changed that story dramatically by creating another project and a new chapter in the life of Zemphira.  Mere hours after leaving the dock in Camden, Maine, on her maiden delivery voyage after the work was done,  the […]