A Little Runabout with a Big Design Story.

It’s not the first time a big-time boat design came in a small package. Smaller craft, like this 20 foot Spiboot, brought the future back to the 1960’s in Lake Geneva, Switzerland. But we can’t think of a time when a damn-good boat showed up in a really small package. Like 3 feet small.  But that’s what happened last week. We got a very polite note from one Mariusz Szymazek. Who taught himself engineering and design to come up with “Swallow” the 1.2 meter (!) runabout.  This clearly seriously talented maker lives in the UK and designs and makes his […]

“Sailbot'” Crash Avoidance Tech Passes 2,500 Miles.

A remarkable tale of sailing grit and cunning has gotten almost no coverage: The University of British Columbia’s Sailbot Team and its Transatlantic Challenge is going on as we speak. The team has developed, designed, and built a roughly 20-foot autonomous sailing catboat, called Ada. This wishbone-rigged, bulb-keeled sailing robot has navigated nearly 2,500 miles in a mostly zag-zag course through the mid-Atlantic. Like most pioneers there have been issues: On August 29th, disaster struck when its rudder froze. Ada has also survived power outages, gear failures and getting crushed by other ships and debris. In spite of her struggles, Ada is making real headway. […]