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Petrel is all about exploring the Spirit of Tradition narrative in one’s own time. The hull is a sexily-engineered epoxy-over-Airex core built by Walter Greene back in 1983. After which the owner and designer Jay Paris finished off some of the rest of the boat over the next 30 years. That’s how long it took. Petrel was finally made sea-ready with a recent reboot at Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding. The result is a fast,  narrow, weatherly modern classic, that works both in coastal waters and at sea. We especially like the high-performance appendages and Selden carbon fiber mast mixes with the classic cabin and […]

Marie J

Marie J was the cold-molded wooden prototype for a successful fiberglass production boat, the Tiffany Jayne 34. She was one of the early ultra-light daysailer/racers coming out of California in the late 1970’s. Designed by Paul Kotzebue, of the Pacific northwest, this svelte double-ender can accommodate a crew for weekending or overnight racing. The high-end build by C&B Marine, in Santa Cruz, California, engineered in high performance keels and rudder into this classic design. Cutting edge for her day, Marie J were capable of peak speeds of 16 knots in ideal reaching conditions. This boat set the Spirit of Tradition bar for […]

Center Harbor 31: Grace

Grace tells a powerful Spirit of Tradition narrative. Just she does it softly. Joel White’s original 1996 Center Harbor 31 designs were reportedly done on paper and pencil, with little help from modern computers. Grace’s sheer and layout is straight out of the mid-coast Maine daysailor narrative. But the keel and rudder designs were advanced bulb and foils. Both as sloop and ketch rugs were available. And the semi-custom construction allowed the design to iterate slowly over the years. Deeper keels were mixed in, as were extended bows and sterns. But no matter the version, the Center Harbor 31 was […]


Legend has it, that an America businessman hired English yacht consultant Elizabeth Meyer, to reboot the classic America’s Cup J-Boats. We love the shape and form of those boats too. But anybody who sails them will tell you, these designs can be clumsy and hard to handle. Meyer must have known that too. The the 90-footer that Pedrick Design eventually drew for her is modern classic: Savannah hits the spirit-of-tradition bullseye for a traditional sheer that carries full-on modern performance. Her speed, outstanding finish level and near-absurd attention to detail make her interesting. But what makes Savannah truly important in the SoT […]

Race Horse

Race Horse was built as part of W-Class effort to establish level high performance racing for the Spirit of Tradition narrative. She may have been finished in 2010 — she’s part W-37 Sport Classique class. But he influences come squarely out of turns-of-the-century work boats. The sheer and layout is all about sandbaggers and sloop racers. Race Horse extends the SoT narrative to work in starkly modern modern plumb transom and stem, as well carbon rigs, rudders and sophisticated computer controlled joinery. A nice touch is the comfortable, upholstered cockpit “couches” that can be removed and stowed below for racing. […]


Ginger is a 50-foot daysailer smack in the middle the Spirit-of-Tradition narrative. She’s a mix of a long, low sheer, right out of classic dayboats from the later 19th century with efficient modern appendages, carbon spars and hardware. The key here is the ergonomic cockpit and contemporary sail inventory. Our favorite touch? The cool, custom wheel. Materials: Cold-molded wood, four layers: inner layer 3/8″ Port Orford cedar strip planking over laminated fir frames; two layers diagonal 1/8″ western red cedar, outer layer 3/16″ Port Orford cedar, running fore-and-aft. Sheathing of 10 oz fiberglass/epoxy. Awlgrip paint system. Deck: Teak Decking Systems panelized […]


Bequia is a 90-footer also straight out of the modern SoT idiom: She features a relatively modest beam, of about 20 feet ad a classic sheer and frankly throwback deckhouse. The idea is to refer to turn of the 20th century cruising legends, mixed with the European influences of Fife and Baglietto. Also interesting here is the sturdy split rigged yawl and the clean open decks The design has proved effective on the race course with several regatta wins. She’s also logged more 35,000 miles under her keel, with several trips across the Atlantic, including trips to Sweden and Panama. Built […]


Though she is very much tells the traditional story of the Spirit of Tradition narrative, Radiance is an interesting and modern boat. Essentially, a replica of 1930’s L Franchise Herreshoff design Ticonderoga, Radiance was rendered in a modern build by the talented folks at Legendary Yachts out in Washougal, WA. We included some if their construction work in the attached image gallery. Essentially built like the later generation clipper ships, Radiance wooded over steel frame solve a lot of engineering problems by in highly-loaded areas. Finished roughly in 1996, this classic is surprisingly fast and very seaworthy. She may straight out […]