2019 Camden Classics Cup Early Registration Breaks Records.

Camden Classics Cup 2019

The Camden Classics Cup 2019 is seeing record early registration.

Though we planned our full preview coverage for the 2019 Camden Classics Cup in the spring, we wanted to give the Spirit-of-Tradition community an important heads up:

Early registration has begun. The demand has broken all previous records.

An unprecedented dozen or so vessels have entered the online registration process in the first week. And indications are, that all facets of the event including sponsorship, local housing and marina resources will be at a premium for 2019.

Only about 18 dockage slots remain.

So if you are at all interested in experiencing the Camden Classics Cup as it should be — that is dockside in lovely Camden, Maine — by all means, begin your registration process now. We are major backers (and fans) of this regatta. Next summer, we will be sponsoring the limited dockside space at Lyman Morse Wayfarer’s floats for the first 30 or so vessels that sign up.

If you have any questions, by all means contact us. And stay tuned for a deeper report, including some exciting new rules and event changes later this year.

Thanks for all your support of the Camden Classics Cup 2019!