Bob’s Best Boat Toys: Gocycle.

gocycle-g3-e-bike-3We’re boat nerds. We can’t resist the crazy gadget overlooked by the rest of landlocked society. Hence, this little beauty that popped up on a recent trip to Newport, Rhode Island: The Gocycle, a mashup between a folding bike and an electric bike. It was a soft-seller when it first came out in 2010. Too bad. Because this is exactly what aerobically challenged sailors need for handy harbor-side transport.

At 35 pounds, it is a wisp of a feather for an electric bike. And we love how both wheels do the pushing and the pulling. Meaning, this little wonder can get you, and your gear, up that gravely dockside hill. A Generation 3 Gocycle is due out this year. List price is $1,000.

A full test awaits until we get our mitts on one.