Cirrus Update

Our spirit of tradition 68 in-build at Betts is moving steadily along. The cockpit has just been taken off the mold and is getting fitted.



The raised bulwarks are being built with internal details for stanchion sockets, pop-up cleats, and Stephens Waring Design custom flush padeyes, which have been machined out of solid stainless steel. Once the cockpit and bulwarks are complete Teak Deck Systems will pattern the deck with joinery details specified by Stephens Waring Design. Teak Decking Systems works with our specifications to create a truly unique teak deck. 


Cirrus is built in the Spirit of Tradition style of the latest in modern materials. Here you see that the deck is in place, bulkheads are in, and they are all carbon-fiber composite structures. Photo credit: J Betts


Interior joiner work is proceeding in the cabinet shop, and a beautiful owner’s shower is being crafted on board of old-growth Port Orford cedar that Jim Betts has been hoarding for a couple of decades and was gracious enough to release for this project. We recently switched the air conditioning system from AC to DC resulting in a 30% improvement in efficiency and increased cooling capacity. The carbon-fiber spars are beginning to come together at Offshore Spars for a spring 2022 delivery. 


The size and structure of the winch pads on Cirrus denote the power her headsails will provide, while the bulwark along the rail will keep sailors safe and provide a great structure for stanchion installation. Photo credit: J Betts


The carbon-fiber cockpit was molded separately and awaits installation to complete the mid-deck structure of Cirrus. Photo credit: J Betts


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