Introducing Varvara

Varvara is an Eastern European variant of Barbara—its meaning is “stranger, foreigner—not of the Latin people”. We thought it fitting for this sleek and sexy machine– her style is influenced by the clean and crisp design work exemplified by trends today, only with our distinctive slant.


 Varvara came to be through the concept work we did with a client who had closely examined the entire European market of production sailing yachts and not found exactly the right boat. He found current boats with cramped interior arrangements; cockpits too minimal and largely exposed; sailing systems that seemed racy and complex or oversimplified and unsophisticated. Together we worked through several iterations exploring an edgy style where we finally landed on a balanced profile that cuts a sharp stem, plumb stern, crisp flowing chine, and a streamlined trunk: lines that all combine into a distinctive style — one that still allows for the unexpected warmth of a brush of varnished wood or contrasting paintwork.

Speedy and easy sailing is usually a priority coming from this office, and is top priority in Varvara’s design brief. All control lines, halyards and sheets lead to the cockpit within reach of the helm, as her owners expect sailing will often be a solo responsibility while the other putters around on deck or in the galley. This lightweight, slippery hull calls out performance.  And her flared sections forward sweep back to a broad stern without commiting to the overly wedge-shaped planform seen too often in current sailboat designs. The generous beam of the boat is carried aft to the stern.  This contributes to greater initial stability and power, but requires a carefully crafted chine to assure that heeled waterlines remain balanced for a delicate heeled helm. The keel and rudder are generous in area, and in sectional shape: this should deliver easy control to “keep the groove” at the wheel and not sacrifice performance.


Below, Varvara expands on the tried-and-true three-cabin layout—a sumptuous master forward with ensuite head and separate shower; and aft, a pair of guest staterooms, each having access to port and starboard heads. We’ve placed the galley forward where it can enjoy a full-beam spaciousness.  The culinary workshop to port is a compact utility triangle with J-shaped counter to lock in the chef at sea.  Additional galley space to starboard stows a dishwasher, wine cooler and a washer/dryer concealed behind cabinets. The on-board chef can enjoy a dedicated workspace while remaining in close communication with guests sitting in comfort at the adjacent salon.

No matter your budget, owning a yacht should be made as easy as possible. Varvara is designed with elegant simplicity and value at top of mind–an efficient build offers options to finish either as fancy as you could imagine or with equal success in simple restraint.  Burnt Orange is our top choice—but you can build her in any color you desire. She’ll be equally fun and easy to sail; equally simple and rewarding to own.


More images can be found on our website, here:  Varvara  


If you wish to learn more about Varvara or our design process please feel welcome to drop a line and we’d gladly look forward to connecting with you.