Press Release: Legendary Design Firm Reimagines a Resort on the Water

Legendary Design Firm Reimagines a Resort on the Water

New Floating Hotel Design Delivers Luxury and an Unforgettable Guest Experience


Belfast, ME (Dec 9, 2021)  Today, Stephens Waring Design announced a new design concept, OASys (Ocean Architectural System), created specifically to reimagine shoreline hotels, resorts, and housing. The model falls under the brand of the award-winning boat designer called IMMERST, which will address some of the most pressing coastline development challenges including limited land, habitat preservation, and climate change.

“We’ve applied our 40 years of custom yacht design and engineering experience to create a design-planning model built around the cutting edge of sustainability, renewable materials, and advanced manufacturing. While our designs are built for long-term operational success in some of the most challenging environments, including oceans, lakes, rivers, and beaches, we’ve also created something that’s exciting, fun, and luxurious,” said lead designer Paul Waring.  

Up and down coastlines, there are many places that are perfect for floating infrastructure and marine development. These include locations with insufficient planning permissions or developable land, as well as areas where there are ecological sensitivities and delicate habitat.   

Because OASys can be built into a variety of arrangements – dock and marina infrastructures – or be built as “free standing” units moored to the ocean floor, the design allows for development and expansion with a minimized shoreline footprint. Furthermore, because the designs can be affixed to permanent or nonpermanent marina infrastructure, OASys mitigates any potential impact on the marine environment.

For marina operators, IMMERST philosophy aims to reimagine underutilized shoreline and general marina space, converting a site into highly desirable, revenue-generating accommodations, attractions or water-based residences. The unique nature of IMMERST’s flexible design solutions allows developers and operators to integrate their installations with standard civic utilities – water, electrical, and sewer.

“When you walk onto an OASys floating community, life is less complicated.  You immediately forget about the pressures and the distractions of modern life, because you’re surrounded by the environment and connected to the water’s edge,” said Waring.

Unlike traditional hotel resort development, IMMERST works closely with developers and operators to create a specific range of flexible, customizable, and scalable solutions that fit each unique site. Floating modules are designed to be easily installed and operated. In the event that there is a need for removal, modules can be made transportable and can be relocated to meet the real-time economic needs of the operator.

All OASys designs are integrated into modular foundations, pre-fabricated through the firm’s network of builders/contractors or constructed onsite, making fabrication and delivery viable for locations around the globe.

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OASys Concept at Kona Kai Resort & Spa in San Diego – Courtesy of Stephens Waring Design


IMMERST OASys Magnum Quattro – Courtesy of Stephens Waring Design


IMMERST OASys Magnum – Courtesy of Stephens Waring Design

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