Maine racing provides a fantastic test bed for varied hull shapes

Racing in Maine’s varied mid-summer weather and tides rewards a variety of boat types and hull shapes. Why do certain designs work better than others in specific conditions? Read on. The classic racing season in Maine is short and sweet. Until a few years ago, classic and Spirit of Tradition boats had to pack it all into three days, Thursday through Saturday of the first weekend in August—the Castine Classic, a race from Castine to Camden, the Camden-Brooklin “feeder” race, and the venerable Eggemoggin Reach Regatta. A few years ago, the Camden Classics Cup joined the party with two more […]

Zemphira – (re)fit for a king

As designers of fine custom yachts we pour our knowledge, experience, creativity, and our love for the work into each project with which we are involved. Sometimes it’s a brand-new sailing yacht built to a style of sailing from a bygone era. Sometimes, it’s revisiting that design a decade or more after launch to review what is working well and even improve upon the original. Such is the case with Zemphira. Built as Goshawk in 2005, Zemphira will launch in the Spring of 2021 after a substantial re-fit, ready to take on all-comers in Classic Yacht Spirit of Tradition racing […]


Bequia is a 90-footer straight out of the modern SoT idiom: She features a relatively modest beam, a classic sheer and a frankly throwback deckhouse. The idea is to refer to turn-of-the-20th-century cruising legends, mixed with the European influences of Fife and Baglietto. Also interesting here is the sturdy split rigged yawl and the clean open decks. The design has proved effective on the race course with several superyacht regatta wins under her belt. She’s also logged more 35,000 miles under her keel, including a Transatlantic passage and voyages to Sweden and Panama. Built by: Brooklin Boat Yard, 2009 – watch […]


Though she is very much tells a traditional story, Radiance is an interesting and modern boat. Essentially a replica of 1930’s L Francis Herreshoff design Ticonderoga, Radiance was rendered in a modern build by the talented folks at Legendary Yachts out in Washougal, WA. We included some if their construction work in the attached image gallery. Essentially built like the later generation clipper ships, Radiance’s cold-molded wood planking over steel frame solves a lot of engineering problems by using high-strength materials in highly-loaded areas. Finished in 1996, this classic is surprisingly fast and very seaworthy. She may be straight out […]